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© Peter Kroth, University of Konstanz

Production of synthetic polymers from algae oil

Algae are rich in valuable substances and can be grown easily, which makes them promising candidates for the sustainable production of raw materials. The work done by Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecking at the University of Konstanz in cooperation with plant physiologist Prof. Dr. Peter Kroth, confirms this. The two scientists have developed a method to transform algae oil into high-quality chemical raw materials which can, amongst other things, be used for the production of polymers. This opens up new possibilities for the use of algae as a substitute for crude oil.

Baden-Württemberg Healthcare Industry Forum 2014

The Baden-Württemberg Healthcare Industry Forum will be held in the hotel Maritim in Ulm on 24th September 2014. The forum will bring together entrepreneurs and scientists from the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. The forum will feature keynote speeches from all three branches, informative workshops as well as inspiring discussions. It will also provide ample opportunities for intensive networking and the exchange of experiences and information with other participants. Registration deadline is September 5th, 2014.


Nina Denneler’s review of her stay in Nanjing

Nina Denneler spent six months in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, with funding from a special China scholarship from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. The 24-year-old is a student in the Department of Technical Biology at the University of Stuttgart and was able to experience the atmosphere of a Chinese lab at the College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering as well as gain interesting insights about the country and its people.

IraSME: 15th Call for proposals

Proposals for transnational cooperative research projects between SMEs and RTOs can be submitted to IraSME. The aim of the project should be to to realise new or improve existing products, processes or technical services. Participating countries/regions are: Austria, Belgium - Flanders, Wallonia, France - Nord-pas de Calais, Germany, Russia. Proposals can be submitted until September 26th, 2014.



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